husbands lung cancer


husbands lung cancer

Hi All

Im a newbie on here. My husband has prostate cancer which was diagnosed last year. He underwent 6 sessiions of chemo and is now under control for now. He was told it is very aggresive. After having a CT and PET scan 2 nodules were seen on his lung. He had a lobectomy on July 15th and came out of hospital last week. He is in a lot of pain which Drs say is normal for about 2 to 3 weeks. Im finding it very hard to cope. Helping my husband is difficult but of course i do it. My job is a part time carer for a 91 year old woman. Im finding it hard to do my job then come home to help my husband. I think.all.the last 14 months of tests chemo scans and worry have caught up with me. 

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Re: husbands lung cancer

Sending ever so gentle thoughts your way    @dramaqueen1  it is such a long haul at times and so emotionally draining.  


How are you going in the self care department? Have you been able to get mini breaks to do things that bring you joy and refresh your soul? Have you got some supports in place for yourself?


I know I am missing some of the more tender moments even though my husband is still thoughtful and kind.



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