Advanced Prostate Cancer - Palliative Care

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Advanced Prostate Cancer - Palliative Care

Hi All,

My father was diagnosed with stage 4 incurable prostate cancer back in September 2020 ...he was told that he would lose loss of use in his legs as the cancer had metasized to bones and surrounding areas -it has also spread to his lung - he was told that he would not make it to see the christmas of 2020

They provided him an emergency hormone injection and radiotherapy on his spine and provided with immediate chemotherapy kept him going , the chemo took affect and was killing the cancer cells and there was an indication that his skeleton was trying to regenerate - after the 1st course of chemo they put him on some tablets which had shown promising results - they worked for a bit but not for long - so they tried different ones - same outcome - didnt work- next they tried a second line of chemo but that made him extremely ill and wasnt working -now they have told that his psa reading was over 2000 and there isnt anything else they can give him that wouldnt be detrimental to his body -at this moment they have put him under the care of the palliative nurses team which is all about what they call end of life management- all about making him comfortable - no time spans have been mentioned ......has or is anyone else going through this and does this mean end of life is close for my dad - i have no other family to reach out and turn to and dr google probably isnt the best way to research

Any advise or story sharing would be appreciated 🙂


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