Inoperable Brain Cancer

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Inoperable Brain Cancer


My beautiful sister was just diagnosed with a brain tumour in her temporal and occipital lobes, 4 to 5 cm. It was such a shock as she didn’t have any symptoms until about 6 weeks ago. When she went to the doctor and eye exam the both said it was just stress. Last Monday I took her to emergency as she couldn’t perform her usual job and was very upset. After having to insist on a CT scan, the ED doctor thought it was COVID brain fog, they told us that there was a lesion and she would need a MRI. On the Tuesday evening the neurosurgeon told us it was inoperable and either a GBM or an Cerebral lymphoma and she has 18 months to live best case scenario. My Sis is the mainstay of her family as she has a husband with a disability and has been his carer for many years. We are all so devastated. She is having a sample taken on Wednesday to see what type of the two it is. Any tips or advice from personal experience would be welcome 

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Re: Inoperable Brain Cancer


I'm very sorry to hear about your sister. What a dreadful situation.

Cancer is a terrible disease.  I would advise you and your sister to be realistic about her expectations, but also to live with hope.  It's amazing what we can sometimes live through.


I'd advise going to see the surgeon and treatment team with a prepared list of questions.

Ask the surgeon if it's ok if you record, and record those conversations. It can be information overload in those meetings and you are likely to forget some things that are said.


Let us know how it goes!


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