My husband has been dealing with head and neck cancer for 21/2yrs...treatment finished  12mths ago..the Drs are happy with his progress...I see things that keep me on my toes...sometimes lately..he gets that yesterday...slept 4hrs through the day and was back in bed at 8pm and slept all night..and also lately had had 3 more bleeds..nothing serious..but he has never had them before..he is not concerned..but I have a terrible gut feeling things could go pair shape again...should I be concerned..our appointment is not for another month...@

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Hi Jenplatt,


I understand your worry.  Perhaps you could ask to bring his appointment forward.   I know that specialists are always busy & get booked out quickly, but it might be worth a try to get in early.

Having said that, alot of people who are in tune with their body can actually tell when there is something to worry about.   So everything might be OK.


All the best 


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