Alternative Medicines for Gallbladder Cancer

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Alternative Medicines for Gallbladder Cancer

Hi everyone, 


My Mum has been diagnosed with very advanced gallbladder cancer, and they gave her a grim prognosis. 6 months without chemo, or if she has chemo she may have a couple of years. 

She's only 54, never smoked or drank alcohol (if that's a normal contributor?) And lived healthily. One of our friends thought maybe the gumbi gumbi plant might help her as part of an alternative medicine? Can you recommend anything that might help Mum get longer than what they've predicted?

Thank you.💖

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Re: Alternative Medicines for Gallbladder Cancer

Hi @anneidril,


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There are some sources of information that might be helpful for you and your Mum:


And for you, Caring for Someone With Cancer might give you some ideas to help you look after yourself as you look after your Mum.


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