Cancer stages

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Cancer stages

My mum has NHL and we are at the stage of treatment options. A few days ago she has told me that she doesn't want any treatment for another 12months as she plans on going overseas. Is this a denial stage? How do I show her support or reason with her that treatment should not be left for another 12months? Am I being selfish and denying her the opportunity to be happy and do what she feels is right for her? Upset & confused!

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Re: Cancer stages

Hi @TamyC.


How are things today with yourself and your Mum? Heart


I can understand why you are feeling upset and confused. It could be a denial stage or it could be that she's very well informed and has decided this is what she wants to do. The best thing in the end would be to be as well informed as you can be and as supportive as you can be, even if you don't ultimately agree with her choices.


Have you been going to her appointments with her? 


With regards to travelling, you may want to check that she doesn't need her doctor's approval to do so - they may just be able to write her a letter. And something else to be aware of, travel insurance can be tricky to acquire with a cancer diagnosis.


As always, feel free to call into 13 11 20 if you want to chat to someone in person.

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