Carcinoma of Unknown Primary

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Carcinoma of Unknown Primary

Hi, I am brand new to this site and thought i'd share my story. Three months ago my Dad, 57 yrs, had 5 seizures in 45 minutes, completely out of the blue. The first seizure knocked him unconscious and also broke his shoulder. An ambulance was called and he was taken to emergency and put in an induced coma. They discovered a large golf ball sized lump on his brain and went in to remove it the next day. For a week we were told that the lump was an abscess as Dad had no symptoms preceding the seizures. A week later and Dad was out of ICU and the biopsy results came back - no abscess but a metastasized carcinoma. He was discharged from hospital 2 weeks later after having shoulder surgery, and for the past 2 months he has seen endless doctors who are all trying to search for a primary site of cancer. The carcinoma in his brain has now come back after it was completely removed in surgery and Dad went through a 10 day intensive radio course. His doctors haven't confirmed a diagnosis (as far as I know) but have been talking about Carcinoma of Unknown Primary, which from my understanding is very rare and terminal. I thought the tough part was over but now, having little experience with cancer (out of a large family only one person has had cancer - my Grandma - who lost her battle with skin cancer), I am struggling to come to terms with what is going on with my Dad and feel completely in the dark and very confused. My Dad is not very forthcoming with information and is clearly going through his own struggle with this horrible situation. It has all happened so fast and it's a LOT to deal with. I just feel like my head is going to implode!
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Re: Carcinoma of Unknown Primary

Hi amieliza, so sorry about your dad's illness. A cancer diagnosis is scary enough...especially when there are lots of in your dad's situation. there isn't really anything anyone can say that can make things 'better' but this forum and talking to others will hopefully help you feel less alone. Dad's are very special. (well my dad was...and sounds like yours is too!) I maybe know a little about how you feel?... my dad recently died, a little over a year after a primary brain tumour diagnosis. (glioblastoma)He was only 60. of course we knew what is was and were told the grim statistics (survival median 14.6 months...ra ra) but it's a very frightening things when someone you care abouts future is not certain. and hard if your dad is 'keeping things' to himself a bit. I guess it's hard to know what to say or do for everyone in this situation. I really wish you that you can have many wonderful times with your dad... love him up... try to enjoy the time you have, breathe and be with him. and be kind to yourself...this is hard hard stuff!... cry when you need to, get support (counselling is great!) cancer council are really helpful too and this forum too. again so sorry with love tatsoi
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