Colorectal Cancer - Capeox regimen - need suggestions

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Colorectal Cancer - Capeox regimen - need suggestions

Hi friends,

My dad was diagnosed with Stage3 rectal cancer in India and I have been travelling back and forth in India to take care of him.


His rectosigmoid tumour has been removed with Surgery and he has been recommended 6 month CAPEOX regimen for chemo in a few days time. I wanted to see if anyone had similar experience and was there any specific food or natural medicine here in a Australia that helped them with the treatment. 


If you or anyone you know has gone through this please share your thoughts and wish you to your family member a speedy recovery.

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Re: Colorectal Cancer - Capeox regimen - need suggestions

 Hi @Shibu31,


It must be hard being so far away and having to travel to and fro. How's your Dad doing?


With regards to food, I'd suggest looking at good nutritious food such as fresh fruit and veg. If he doesn't feel like or isn't able to eat much during his treatment, maybe look at softer foods or something like Sustagen (available here in Australia) to help keep him going.


You may also to look at complementary therapies, there are a number of different suggestions here.

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