Colorectal Cancer

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Re: Colorectal Cancer

Hi 27spoons,


Sorry to hear about your husband’s diagnosis. I remember in the early days I was in shock-especially because it was stage 4 for my brother too. The early scans and results can be so hard going so I send you my best wishes. My brother is well into his chemo now but it is hard because he doesn’t want to engage anybody other than his partner much. I guess everyone deals with it in their own way though. Hang in there and keep us updated. 

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Re: Colorectal Cancer

Thank you!

I hope the chemo is going as well as can be with your brother and he gets some improvement soon.

Take care.


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Re: Colorectal Cancer

Hi Rebecca,

So sorry to hear of your husbands diagnosis, but g ad we can chat freely here to find some kind of support.

The process can seem like it will never end with so many tests and procedures, I hope your hubby is bearing up through it all, and that soon you will have the info you need and some kind of road map of the way forward.

My husband had his surgery last Tuesday- 6 hours of it!. He had an lower anterior resection- I believe they removed 30cam of colon and surrounding tissue. We wont know for 2-3 weeks what the staging is and if he will need chemo. So for now I am just focused on the present and getting him strong enough to undergo chemo should that be our fate. We do know that it has not spread to his lungs or liver- but the abdomen may not have been so lucky, as he had the tumour for a long time and was 8cm long.

I am finding the hardest part is being supportive enough but not too supportive. He hates me asking how he is, so its like walking a tightrope everyday. I also work from home mostly, so us both being home 24/7 has its challenges.😬

Luckily he seems to be recovering very fast from the surgery, fingers crossed, and had 8 weeks sick leave up his sleeve thank goodness.

Changing our meals around his low fibre diet is a new experience, but am finding this website so helpful. The Bowel Cancer Nurse and nutritionist rang me the Friday after his surgery  which was amazing. The were very helpful with what to expect with recovery, and what he can and cant eat etc.

We were shocked at how quickly the hospital released him- and what little information they provided about what to expect . But the public hospital system is so over stretched I should not be surprised.

Please take care over the coming weeks, I know the waiting is agony, try and stay busy and know that we are all going through this together. Don't hesitate to stay in touch via this forum.

best wishes





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Re: Colorectal Cancer

Hi Gayle,

Glad to hear your husband is going well post surgery and that it hasn't spread to his liver or lungs. Those are all great signs!

My husband went in for another biopsy today and then we should have the meeting with the oncologists in another week or so to find out the plan. The waiting is still really hard. 

All the best to you all,


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