GBM Stage 4 - Mums condition getting worse

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GBM Stage 4 - Mums condition getting worse

My mum 85 years was diagnosed with GBM in February.  It's non operable and she decided not have a biopsy or Chemo/radiation for the sake of an extra couple months.  When she came out of hospital she was on Dexamethasone but this was stopped about 4 weeks ago.  I notice her condition is getting worse - speech and mobility.  I asked her GP about her staying on Dex but he indicated that there are side effects to this.


What is everyones experience on Dexamethasone.  Should I be making contact with Neurologist or relying on GP?



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Re: GBM Stage 4 - Mums condition getting worse

I found dexamethasone made me feel great but I became hypomanic which made me reckless with money. I  had breast cancer and am 62 years old so totally different diagnosis than your mum
It may be good for your mother though - not everyone has a bad reaction to it. 
Good luck and best wishes for your mum.
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