GBM - physiotherapy

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GBM - physiotherapy

Hi, just wondering if others on the GBM road have had any positive results from physiotherapy. My husband has had left side weakness since his biopsy (tumour inoperable) which has gotten progressively worse leaving his left arm completely useless - he calls it the passenger. When we went down this road 12 years ago we were told that some deficits would improve over time (thankfully there were none like this), however this time we have been told that the weakness would be permanent and wouldn't improve. The physio he has been doing doesn't seem to have made any difference to date and I was wondering if others had experienced any improvement with similar issues. Thanks
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Re: GBM - physiotherapy

Sorry, I can't really help here. Sometimes my husband's left hand works, sometimes it doesn't. When he feels movement fading out, he's generally able to move it back into action. This is an insignificant deficit compared to your husbands.
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