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Hi, I am new to this forum and would just like to introduce myself. My name is Geraldine but my friends mostly call me G. I live in Manly west in Queensland australia. Its late so I won't write much right now as I am tired and going to go to bed soon. My boyfriend has had a cancer remeoved from his lung 2 weeks ago and after tests he has been told its not lung cancer but Melanoma. Not sure how this can be as we havn't been back to see the doctors yet. I will be back tomorrow so good night to you all untill then.
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Hi G, Welcome to this site. I am not a regular contributor but I know that when I do 'drop in' I find people who are experiencing similar things and heaps of support. I hope you and boyfriend find out what's going on asap. It's all pretty disturbing but once you know what you're dealing with at least you can work out the next step. CJF
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