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Hello I'm Emms Recently we found out my mother (56) has Ampullary Cancer (located somewhere just outside the pancreas) She has had the Whipple Procedure to remove part of her pancreas, her gall bladder and half of her small intestine. We are almost 5 weeks out from the procedure and are about to face the possibility of having 6 months of Chemo. My mum seems very adamant that she doesn't want to do it. I don't want her to give up just yet because her recovery has been so great so far, apart from days where she gets pains and wont eat much which we know to be normal, even though it isn't fun to be sick from time to time. We know that her cancer was caught in the very early stages and nothing spread any further to any lymph nodes or anything like that. Would love to know of people that might have gone through the Whipple Surgery, or have gone through it themselves. And also what people think about going through chemo or refusing it etc etc. I will read more on this forum because the small amount I've read so far seems to be helpful to know we aren't alone in going through it. thanks so much for reading. Emms.
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Hi I was slightly different in that I had chemo prior to my surgery as I was in the later stages of cancer and they needed to reduce the tumour before they undertook the surgery. After the surgery I was supposed to undergo a further 3 rounds of chemo and due to the results after the surgery i declined to have it. From the tissue they removed there was no evidence of cancer including the lymph nodes they removed. y decision was after realising the cancer was not in the nodes the chances of it spreading were a lot lower. Members of my family tried to persuade me otherwise but to be fair they are not the ones who have to undertake the treatment.I have just had my two year check u and all is good and no evidence of cancer. Hope your mum recovers well from the surery.
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