Help, advice?

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Help, advice?

My dear mum (72) went in to hospital last Thursday with stomach pain and has now been told she has a 15cm mass in her abdomen and pockets of fluid. They have been unable to determine what the mass is connected to via a ctscan or vaginal ultrasound. They did a biopsy of the fluid yesterday and are hoping for results tomorrow. Help is needed as she just seems to be getting worse and they are not treating her right or well (I don’t know the word to use). Every day I go back in there she has a new tube going in or out and they are not controlling her pain or nausea and it’s just frustrating. She has gone from having what they thought was IBD to having 24/7 oxygen, iv fluids, nasal/gastric tube, and today she got a catheter. She can not swallow anything and when they try giving her the liquid food she vomits. She is in pain and they are not managing it. The nurses also say her heart is now irregular and a small part of her lower long is slightly collapsed. Why is she not in a higher care ward with more monitors and frequent checks. I am scared she is going to die whenever I leave her. Why are they doing nothing about the cancer itself and still struggling to manage her pain and nausea. She can not afford to lose anymore weight. Can anyone offer any helpful advice? Thanks

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Hi @Ixioncat ,


It's very frustrating.   Firstly though, they can't treat the cancer until they know what type it is, because each cancer is treated differently, & unfortunately, it can take some time.   

Have you raised the issues with how your mother is being treated with the hospital staff?   Surely they can at least give her some pain medication.  If they're not doing that when they know she is in pain, it's time to start making noise to the big guns.  Ask to see the head nurse or the doctor on duty, & make sure they know your Mum is still in pain.  Regards the vomiting - maybe they can give her some Ondansetron???

I'm sorry your mother is going through this horrible time, & I hope she can get comfortable asap. 

All the best, 


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