Hervey Bay or Brisbane for cancer treatment?

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Hervey Bay or Brisbane for cancer treatment?

My sister is to go to the specialist nurse and doctor early next week in Hervey Bay. She believes at that time she has to decide whether to have lump or mastectomy. She has not lived in the area very long and would appreciate any information on the pros and cons of her local hospital versus Brisbane Hospital. Does anyone know what costs are likely if she could afford private treatment and if it is worth it? Any advice gratefully received.
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Re: Hervey Bay or Brisbane for cancer treatment?

Hi Heather. My name is Brian and I live in Childers. My experience of the regional/capital city linkages in our region has been very positive. About three weeks ago, I woke up with severe chest palns. I went straight to Childers hospital, thinking heart attack. They checked me out and advised me to go home and pay close attention to my symptoms. My GP helped me manage the pain and then referred me to a specialist in B'berg. Luckily I have private insurance, however I believe that when the illness warrants it, the public system is equally responsive. One specialist checked me out for kidney stones, etc; nothing there. Then he called in a colleague for bone marrow tests; bingo, acute myeloid leukemia. In computing terms, my blood production system has a bug in the software, and it needs a reset. The RFDS flew me down to Brisbane; excellent care, all the way. In Brisbane, I was moved quite seamlessly into world class care. I am on a chemo course, with a large array of specialists tracking all manner of parameters; a great example of measurement being the key to good management. So that is my experience. I am also trying to stay proactive in my recovery, by asking lots of questions and standing my ground if something doesn't make horse sense to me. It's my life, so I had better pay attention. However, the overall system is peopled by some really dedicated heroes, who really know their stuff. I see it as my job to work with them, especially by cultivating my optimism. I really hope your sister's journey is equally positive. Please pm me if I can be of any further help.
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