How can I help my dad

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How can I help my dad

My dad was recently diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer. Eating is painful even before his chemo started so he barely eats has lost a ton of weight.

He spends his day kneeling beside his bed in pain They even upped him to oxy and he's still in constant pain. Because of this he doesn't leave the house unless it's for an appointment.  

I'm worried if he doesn't have some normalcy to his life and leave his room he's going to give up. 

As I stated before it's stage 3 ...but hasn't spread to anywhere that the doctors can so they seem optimistic.


Im looking for insight as to what I can do for him to help him through this because I feel like I'm doing nothing. He's always been so strong it's hard to see him so weak any insight would be appreciated

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Re: How can I help my dad

Hi @uhlik1989,


How has your Dad been over the festive season?



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Re: How can I help my dad

Uhlich 1989 

Sorry I just seen your post or I would have posted sooner.

If your fathers has been diagnosed stage 3 ,is Whipple Surgery  a prospect for the future,if  oxy is not helping with pain ,there are Fentanyl pain patches which are attached to his arm and changed regularly to keep the pain manageable also other medications,sometimes the chemo can help with pain  eating and trying to maintain an appetite is very ,very hard I lost my appetite during treatment,but I  tried to maintain meals of hospital sustained shakes with milk and a banana blended,also scrambled eggs on toast you just have to keep trying to find something he can eat ,plenty of water after chemo helps flush the body.


It is a very difficult disease ,depression can happen and overwhelm the person diagnosed also family members,it might help to talk to your fathers GP if you haven’t already about his health.


All you can do is continue to love ,support and encourage him to try and to help him leave his bedroom and get back in to life I just took it one day at a time tomorrow is another day best wishes to you and your father.I know in Victoria there are foundations who can assist with suggestions and support.

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Re: How can I help my dad

My dad was recently diagnosed. How is your dad?
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Re: How can I help my dad

It's hard to help pain.

some patients will respond to zantac

in ammounts similar to your ordinary

dosage of tums.

Personally, I think medical marijuana (thc)

is better.  flower or pill


I'm new here.


you may (or may not) also see my previous post

regarding PC


I worked for a year at an oncological center doing clinical pathways.

The Center for Health Outcomes and Economics.   CHOE

We tried to adhere to the system of SIBEM II

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