Mom diagnosed with stage 2-3 kidney Renal Cell Carcinoma

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Mom diagnosed with stage 2-3 kidney Renal Cell Carcinoma

My mom is 67 years old (in india) and was recently diagnosed thru PET scan testing that she has stage 2-3 Renal cell carcinoma with a mass of 7 cm on left Kidney (localized with surrounding muscle .. but they found some spots in lungs). She had heart failure earlier in the year with just 20% heart rate. Now with this RCC stage 2-3 diagnosis I am very nervous because I love my family so much and cannot live without them and I had dreams of vacationing and spending time with them. I am seeking help advice from everywhere. Pls helpI !

I was told her Kidney function is not very bad with 1.2 keratin value and her right kidney is ok. Her symptoms is a lot of fatigue, weight loss and loss of appetite (I think no blood in urine reported). My questions would be what is the best treatment plan for my mother as she has a heart failure with 20% ejection fraction (left ventricular) ?

Is surgery with robotics/minimal invasive an option for her to get her Kidney removed ?

With Heart failure can we use Chemotherapy, immunotherapy? What are benefits of one over other and the best options ?

Should we try radiation therapy ?

She says getting kidney removed could be very painful, could she get better without removal of Kidney ?

Are there any new treatments that could help us ? 

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