Mumma Bear has CUP cancer of Unkown primary

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Mumma Bear has CUP cancer of Unkown primary

Hi, mum went in for a lump on her back found out after 7 days and 3 in hospital stays it's cancer, she has cancer in her windpipe where the air goes into both lungs under her breast bone,a lump in her breast pooped up 5 days later and now has one in her groin and pancreas. Dr said months to live at best 2 all within a week 💔 they also said peter Mac wouldn't take her without a cancer primary diagnosis she had biopsies on her back,groin, breast and now the back one is infected and she can't start chemo till Monday! However they said that Iv cancer chemo isn't given for lung cancer and tablets are instead but I'm just wanting to know what her real options are and if anyone has experienced this

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