New to this cancer thing

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New to this cancer thing

Well my story is about my husband . Its just been 3 weeks of knowing but not knowing what is really going on . Iam trying not to read between the lines but my head keeps going around and round . You  get told promising news and then bang back down the bottom of this roller-coaster not sure of the outcome as tests are still being done,how long does that go on?i just feel we need to get started on something its making me anxious. .He is on pain relief from palletive care. I guess im stuck on what questions to ask his dr but each morning round we get a different one and different answers. The primary cancer has not been found but the Petscan came back not indicating anything in his major organs but how does it not pick up a primary?Its a very confusing time. We are keeping hopeful but being told its a complicated case he has it in the bowel area inside and outside the bowel he is swollen on one side ,in pain but now helped with meds . Any body else new to this cancer journey?

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Re: New to this cancer thing

Hi @EKA, I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing? Heart


Has there been any further news about your husband's cancer?


We have a podcast on coping with a cancer diagnosis that I think would be worth listening to for you. And this one on making treatment decisions is also a good one to listen to.




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