Pancreatic cancer - alternative treatment - oncothermal

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Pancreatic cancer - alternative treatment - oncothermal

Good morning! My father has received some bad news, he has pancreatic cancer. For weeks he has been using the normal treatments for the situation he is in, chemotherapy. Some people have told me about an alternative treatment that helps to alleviate the pain and bring a better quality of life, oncothermia. In Granada, Spain, they use this alternative treatment in the Checa Clinic and, according to people close to me, the patients did very well in improving their day-to-day life. I am thinking of going to take my father and have him treated. What are your opinions about this new treatment?

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Re: Pancreatic cancer - alternative treatment - oncothermal

Hi Jefferesonjj87,


I'm sorry to hear about your father.


To be honest, I just did a bit of searching on the web, and it looks like oncothermia is what is called a complementary treatment. In that, it is used along side to complement more standard medical based treatments.

You would want to discuss the oncothermia treatment first with the medical team who is treating your father, because you want to avoid any unintended side effects.


Best of luck.


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Re: Pancreatic cancer - alternative treatment - oncothermal

Well, it is better to take the chance if the treatment is safe and there are no side effects of treatment. but, I'd suggest you confirm about this treatment before visiting there. If the treatment is really effective then you must take your father there for fast and safe recovery. 

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