Positive attitude vs The Truth


Positive attitude vs The Truth

Hi everyone,


Sadly I’m writing today as I’ve found out my mums breast cancer has come back. Obviously this is devastating and I’m extremely upset about this, but for my mums sake I am trying to put on a brave face around her. Basically I’m trying not to cry or look visible upset, I want to be positive for her in an effort to keep her spirits up. However, I’m worried I may be coming across as unemotional or unaffected. 

When she was first diagnosed 6 years ago, I was a teenager and she was married, so I wasn’t the primary carer. Being younger I wasn’t as focused on how my actions/emotions affected her state of wellbeing, and probably wasn’t as optimistic as I could have been. However now I am an adult and it’s just me and her at home, and the rest of our family is interstate. I will be the primary carer when she has chemo, and am going into this with the mindset of trying to be as helpful and supportive as possible.


I would assume that having people cry and be sad all the time would not be a helpful atmosphere, but I’m worried that my original plan of holding back my emotions around her will make her feel isolated or alone. I want to be a positive (or at the least, not a sad) presence around her. 

Anyone have any advice? 

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