Not sure what I have, nowhere to ask, doctors not sure.

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Not sure what I have, nowhere to ask, doctors not sure.

First off I wanted to say that I am sorry that cancer has affected you or your family, nobody should feel discomfort or pain or have a premature death.

I'm not sure what condition I have, possibly not even cancer, but my new found respect and fear for cancer has led me here.

So in the last 4-5 months, I've began to feel sharp prickling/stabbing pains over my body, my whole body.
It's only one prickle and only every couple minutes usually.

I get it literally everywhere, foot, hands, eyeball, brain, inner ear, penis, inside throat, neck, shoulders etc.
Some times It's a bit different.
Sometimes it feels like I've been zapped with a death ray. The area and pain literally feels like death, or like I'm being microwaved. I don't know how else to describe it other than that.

All my friends and family are your typical ignorant sheep when it comes to conditions.
"Oh doctors would know if there is something wrong with you, they would just take blood tests"
Yes, I have multiple times, and the doctor says that I'm, perfectly healthy.
He even seems to insinuate that I'm a hypochondriac.

I'm the kind of person who visits the doctor once a year, sometimes not even.
The last thing I am is a hypochondriac.

I sometimes feel cold/spicy feelings in my lungs and chest and sometimes I feel like there are things moving in me, in particular the neck, throat and in my brain.

I also find that I am more easily irritated and lose my patience, like when using a slow computer, I get very annoyed.

There have also been occasions where my family will be arguing over the silliest thing and I feel drained, even though I'm not in the argument and are just nearby. It feels like they somehow make my condition worse by some parasitic energy exchange.

I have looked up soo many different conditions and my symptoms match mostly cancer type illnesses, however at the same time, I'm missing many symptoms that I should apparently have, if I have those cancers. I don't get sweats, headaches, my energy is ok, no rashes.

I could get scans done, but I am poor and also very worried about scans.
For 15 years I've been saying that scans are bad and finally the medical world has been opening up about how unhealthy scans are. That has only made me even more worried.

Some articles from medical professionals agree that it significantly increases and aggravates cancer.

I feel like I can't take that risk.

I'm not sure what else I should say.
My family does have a history of cancer, but only a few of them have had cancer.

My condition has been like this for about 4-5 months now.
I hope it's not cancer, and I hope it's nothing serious.
I thought I would see if anyone has any ideas as my family are like zombies, they never listen to a single thing I say, no matter if I hand them the proof on paper.

They are the kind of people who say "You go to google and the internet for information? Haha, that's the worst place to go"



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Re: Not sure what I have, nowhere to ask, doctors not sure.

Hi Mes3, there’s nothing worse than not knowing! What is your GP doing? Sounds like it involves nerves somehow. Maybe a neurologist could help? Anyway that’s all that comes to mind. So sorry this is happening to you. Sometimes you’ve got to fight to get answers. Hope you have someone who can stand with you. Love and prayers to you 🙏💕 Linda G

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Re: Not sure what I have, nowhere to ask, doctors not sure.

Hi LindaG!

So my doctor keeps saying that I'm healthy and feeling pains around the body is normal.
However I know when there is a sudden change and something wrong.
He said that he would give me a referral to where I would like, however I've one lots of research on scans and they are not good for you.
I really don't want to get scans done.
Scans are done in ways that alter you in a bad way, sure it might take a long time to see the effects, and it might not be vastly significant, but I feel like anything that makes me worse is just something I don't feel I can risk.

I know, being lonely is scary, especially when you realize that those who you love might not care about you or understand your condition as much as you thought.

We really are all ultimately alone, and that's very scary. How can someone make peace in themselves knowing their total destruction is impending. I may not be in that situation, but we all could die at any moment for many reasons, it's very scary. I pray God and forces of good take care of us that deserve it.
Thank you for your support.

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