Retroperineum liposarcoma

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Retroperineum liposarcoma

About 5 weeks ago my husband of 7 months had a full blood test which showed that his PSA was 5.3 so GP sent him for a Prostrate ultrasound which showed a large mass. He the had an urgent CT scan of his abdomen which showed the liposarcoma. He is a stroke survivor so we thought the pains were from that. The tumour is squashing his bladder and stomach and causes pain. He is having surgery at The Prince of Wales hospital on the 15th. Professor Crowe is not sure if he will have to take some bowel as well because of the size of the tumour. We thought he was just getting fat. I am leatning about Isolated Patient services as we live in Goulburn. 


As a carer and a wife tnis is difficult because we do not know what to expect as this is rare. Also we don't know how long he will be in hospital. Looks like we'll be spending Christmas in hospital!


Anyway that's my vent.

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Re: Retroperineum liposarcoma

Hi Noreen,


Thanks for reaching out to the online community. It sounds like it has been a difficult 5 weeks for you and your husband.


I was wondering if you might find some of the Cancer Council NSW services helpful. You may be interested in our Telephone Support Group (TSG) for people such as yourself who are caring for someone with cancer. The TSG provides an opportunity to regularly talk with others in a similar situation so that experiences, information and coping strategies are shared. For more information please phone: 1300 755 632 (messages can be left) or you could email and include your contact number and we can call you.


In addition, during business hours, the consultants on our Information & Support line (Ph: 13 11 20) can assist you with information about your current situation, and additional services that may be available in your area.



Kind regards from Margaret

from the Online Community team 




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