Soft Tissue Sarcoma

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Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Hi my husband has been diagnosed with Soft Tissue Sarcoma He has had 1 round of Chemo & is now doing Radiation. He refuses to have any more chemo. He has 2 tumours in his lower body He has turned to a Natropathe & is making his body Alkaline as cancer can't grow in an Alkaline body. This means eating mainly greens. Nothing with eyes & all associated products. That means no dairy, wheat fish,chicken,meat,eggs the list goes on. I am so worried that he is not following the normal procedure of chemo etc He is looking very old,tired & loosing weight. I don't know how to help him?
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Re: Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Hi Mardy jen, sorry to read your plight. I too have done the alkaline diet. It is really important to remember all the vitamins and minerals, they help an awful lot and many people think that just because they are putting so many vegetables into their bodies, they don't need supplements. Not true. Also, very little, or no sugar, cancer feeds off it. The alkaline diet is meant to make you feel better, but your state of mind is also very important. Good luck.
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