Suggestions for high protien diet

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Suggestions for high protien diet

Well yesterdays Doctors visit did not go the way we wanted it to. We have another tumour same spot same size as febuarys one, expected with my husbands type of brain cancer but definately not wanted. I now have 6 weeks to get him over the issues we had when his leg went septic and get him from tired and sick to healthy enough for the Dr to play in his head again. Due to the dose of chemo he had, food is not his favorite thing to say the least. Brucie is on sustigen and high protien jelly. I make up custards with neutral sustigen to boost the protien level. He doesn't like cold food, so that leaves out smoothies and the likes. I can get him to occasionally eat soups; but the biggest thing is the smell of food makes him sick, the GP says its an effect of Chemo Brain. Yep fine they can call it what they like but i need some ideas, any ideas on what has helped to make this issue better (tolerable) for any one else who has gone through it. Any suggestion does not matter if its thinking way outside the box, is gonna be worth a try, so please throw any ideas at me. Thanks guys
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Re: Suggestions for high protien diet

Hi Nic41, sorry if it's too late to aswer your question - were/are you asking about high-protein diets? Why not just good quality meat? From what I understand about cancer, there's discussion that sugar is a no-go, so maybe not any sweets (Sustagen). Hope you staying strong. Sarah
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