VITAMIN C Intravenous for Cancer

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VITAMIN C Intravenous for Cancer

I read so many positive articles related to Vitamin C Intravenous therapy and we want to try it.

Our grandmother was diagnosed with Cancer 4 and the doctor recommended treatment with Vitamin C IV 20 grams per day.

Can someone tell us where to buy?



Re: VITAMIN C Intravenous for Cancer

Hi @berta,


Thank you for your post.  I have sent you a welcome email by private message.


Cancer Council supports evidence-based treatment and we always recommend that people speak to their treating medical team regarding alternative or complementary treatments. If a doctor recommends a particular complementary treatment they may be able to suggest where to source it. 


You and other online community members may be interested in some information from Cancer Council about the different vitamins hereThe best evidence we have suggests that even if vitamin C can help against cancer, it would only have small benefits. There are also potential risks. 


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