What does bone cancer feel like?

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What does bone cancer feel like?

I have not been diagnosed yet as I do not have medical right now.


For the last maybe two or so months, I have had reoccuring mild pain in my left arm (same basic pain as when I got hit by a truck and bruised the bone in that arm, and somewhat similar to the ache when I had a hairline fracture in that wrist at another time). About a month ago, I started getting numbness and tingling here and there in that arm (originally the shoulder/upper arm felt just tired/weak - like I had strained muscles in that area - also some itchiness/skin crawling feeling on my arms and legs, mild numbness by the knees, so initially I thought it could be nerve related)**, but within a few days became tingling depending on what position my arm was in. Now it is almost constant, and the feeling is throughout my whole left arm (today my right was tingling a bit too).


**This mild itching/numbness has been going on for close to six months, but is sporadic, not constant, so by itself I didn’t think too much about it in light of my bad back.


i have a bad back due to sleeping on a couch with damaged springs for too long - so initially I thought that the tingling was causes by a pinched nerve or a disk out of place, or perhaps even something to do with poor circulation - some of the tingling feels like when your arm or leg falls asleep and the blood flow returns to normal, but overall the tingling feels more like nerves twitching than blood flow being cut off (plus the ache in my arm bones is becoming more constant).


i guess the big concern is how rapidly the pain/tingling went from part of my arm to the whole arm, and the bone discomfort/pain went from near the wrist to the whole arm within a couple of days. Cancer does run in my family and I have had several close relations die because of it, as well as siblings and a nephew deal with it in their own lives. The pain no longer feels like tired or strained muscles or joints, but more like a mild ache, but in the bones.

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Re: What does bone cancer feel like?

Hi JerryB,


Get to your GP right away & ask for an urgent referral to a neurologist.  It sounds to me like your spinal cord is being impinged somehow.   Very serious if the pain/tingling is progressing that rapidly.  Please don't delay.




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Re: What does bone cancer feel like?

I am suffering similar symptoms I have a history of nerve impingement in the neck at C4 With pain referred to shoulder and blade,arm ,hands and pins and needles .I am presently waiting for an episode of sciatica to settle down before having an. MRI to confirm and then a guided injection .Mine changes with movement of my neck



Budgie is right you need a neurologist,a scan or MRI will show something if you have a problem.

Good luck fingers crossed.

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