Whether to look for a second opinion or not

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Whether to look for a second opinion or not

Today has been a sad day for us. Our friend has been diagnosed with multiple cancer and we want to help him get the best and most effective treatment. What should someone who's been diagnosed with cancer do when the doctor says he only has 6 to 18 months of life left? Should we look for a second opinion? Should we look for alternative treatments? Can we hope for healing? What are the odds? Are there many cases of cancer healing with such diagnose? Please advise.
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Re: Whether to look for a second opinion or not

Hi There is a website online that rates doctors. However, for me I base my opinion on my oncologist as to the treatment I am receiving and how I get along with him, so any opinion you are going to get on an oncologist is going to be incredibly subjective. If you are unhappy with the onco person you are seeing then I would personally I would seek a second opinion or be asked to swapped to someone that I was able to communicate with more easily. I have survived one cancer that I wasn't supposed to, but, the cancer was a very unpredictable cancer. As for alternative treatments, they can be clinically helpful but not always helpful in eradicating cancer. I wish you all the best in getting through the coming months and hope that something can be done to help your friend. Julie
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