unexplained rashes all over body

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unexplained rashes all over body

am 20 years old male and for the last year i have had a rash on my right arm, it is scaly and red, over the last few months that has been growing and is now all over my right arm,left arm and hand, inside of my thighs (where there is also some darker patches of skin), in the folds between my leg and thighs. also on my right arm i have a thicker bit of red scaly skin. as Well as that over the last 3 weeks i have also been waking up dripping in sweat at least twice a week. I have also tried zero base steroid cream and hydrocortisone had had 0 effect at all. i also have some swollen lumps right underneath my chin

if anybody could get it will be really helpful


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Re: unexplained rashes all over body

Hi @kyle7568 and welcome to the community.


That doesn't sound good at all, have you seen your GP about it?



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Re: unexplained rashes all over body


not managed to see my gp but managed to have a phone call with him, he ordered a blood test and i had it yesterday, so it is just waiting on the results now. He thought it is glandular fever due to my age (im 20) but without seeing me, (due to covid, my doctors have mostly stopped face to face appointments) he goes not know what the rashes look like so probs hard to get a picture of the sort of rashes i have, imo does not look like glandular fever rash at all, but now its just a case of waiting and seeing what the results come back from my blood test 

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