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Softly soothing

The aches and pains

Caressing and de-stressing

Releasing the toxins within.


Sending them to who cares where

Gentle slender hands

Working the bunched muscles

Calming the bodies woes.


Sound of music relaxing the mind

Aromatic scents cleansing the senses

Drifting beyond this realm

Deep within yourself.


Guided by the skilful

Led to an inner world

Of peace, calm , tranquility

That which we can seek and find.


The changing colours behind the eyes

Yellow so bright

Blue so clear

Purple, lilac too.


Who are these angles with the skills to cleanse

Slowly re-surfacing

Embrace the day

Refreshed , relaxed.


January 2016.


(dedicated to those gifted in the art of relaxation and healing)

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