End of life symptoms


End of life symptoms


My relative doesn't have much time left but I'm guessing between days to IF weeks very few.

she has late stage metastasised breast cancer

She sleeps most of day and only manages one or two bites of food.

Symptoms include all I expected, weight loss, confusion, extreme lethargy

However I've noticed one of her eyes has become lazy and the pupil won't dialate when the other does.

Has anyone experienced this with a friend/relative in their late stages of cancer?

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Re: End of life symptoms



Yes we have, we experienced the following in our case:


- Can barely eat/drink or won't at all

- Cannot take oral medication

- Had eyes always closed

- Didn't speak and barely made any sounds

- Swallow breathing

- Mass weight and muscle loss

- Cold hands and feet

- Very pale skin

- Blueish lips

- Blank stare, no pupil reaction if eyes exposured to light

- Blotchy skin


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