I think I'm dying ...

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Re: I think I'm dying ...

Hey, Astro...

   After my last chemo and rad, and the chopped liver mouth and throat (and Thrush) cleaning up...it took two months before the ulceration in my throat returned.

   By that time my insurance and money had run out so I said "screw it, live or die I'll do without doctors and make the best of it."

  Foolish, but there it is.

   It's 6 months down the pike and the throat has gotten progressively worse, my neck is rather disfigured and motion either vertical or horizontal is quite limited.  And yes, that ulcer pain in my throat spikes so I live on Motrin (high pain tolerance-I danced thru chemo and rad on acetaminophen).

  Frankly, being totally in the dark medically and scan wise, I pretty much feel I'm at the end of the Line (nights are getting pretty unbearable and whatever Get Up and Go I had is long gone, throat swelling is worsening, etc. Etc.).

   Let me share this-I just came across something curious, and will begin it this week.  Google Joe Tippens and Fenbendazole.

   NEVER GIVE UP!  or at least hang in there to see if this stuff works for me.

  Joe Aristy


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Re: I think I'm dying ...

Hey, Astro!
Can you describe the symptoms of your throat condition? Any physical swelling or disfigurement? Does the pain spike after eating? Does the swelling limits and screws with your ability to swallow?
And the pain-when mine spikes I gargle with peroxide then with baking soda and it tones it down considerably. At times, the pain reminds me of getting a chicken bone (or nacho chip?) Stuck in my throat. At times it just burns like Hades.
I'd appreciate hearing about your condition and comparing notes.
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Re: I think I'm dying ...

Hi Capt'n...

   Sorry to hear it's trying to mess with you again.

    Came across a fellow named Joe Tippen and research on a product called Fenbendazole...decided to become a guinea pig since my throat ulcer has been getting progressively worse.

   My email is Googling1757@gmail.com if you'd like to keep track of how this goes.

  Cheers, Joe

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