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Known for awhile

Ive known for awhile im gonna die but i am autistic and dont know how to help family cope. Im at peace trying to show the weakness and pain as little as possible. Ive brought up the topic as what. If a few times but they always freak out. Wife wants a divorce due to health deterioration and of course to help i agreed. Hoping she has moved on prior to passing. Anyone know how to explain it.

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Re: Known for awhile

Wow, @Desoula,

I'm so sorry for your situation. I just don't understand if someone loves you, how they can leave you when the going gets a bit tough. I've always said that death doesn't get talked about enough in our society, & its made everyone scared to even mention it. People use the word "passed" instead of "dead/died", & even that is a way of lessening the fact that life has stopped. We like to ignore the harsh reality of the circle of life, hoping we'll live on forever. Unfortunately, that's not the way of things.
I am sorry I can't offer any suggestions as to how to explain it. Some people don't want to acknowledge the fact that they're going to lose you, & so simply won't talk about it. Its too painful for them. That's understandable. My only real suggestion is counselling.

All you can do is try.

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