Metastatic breast cancer

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Metastatic breast cancer

I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer -stage 4 - in November 2017.  My treatment plan consists of a hormone blocking pill once a day and 2 Kisqali tablets daily.  I would love to hear from anyone with the same diagnosis and how they are feeling and how they face the prospect of dying in the near future

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Re: Metastatic breast cancer

Hi ShellyD


I am sorry to hear of your terminal diagnosis.  I don’t have breast cancer, but I do have terminal kidney cancer, & at the moment I am on my last available treatment.  I’ve been on this treatment since March this year & it’s only expected to work for 10 - 12 months.  So It will probably stop working for me by the end of November.  From then, I can’t see me lasting more than 12 months.  

My way of handling this knowledge is to talk about my death as often as I can.  I probably mention it at least 3 times a week in normal conversation.  It grounds me & makes it not so scary.  

One of the most horrible things about knowing you’re dying, is thinking about what you will miss out on.  So if I find myself doing this I remember that life will go on without me, & I have the faith that my family are strong enough to cope. 

One good thing about knowing you are dying is that you can plan your funeral the way you want it to happen.  I am also secure in the knowledge that my husband will be able to afford my funeral as I have funeral insurance.  I also happy in knowing that I am leaving him my Super & life insurance.  

Everyone handles things differently, but  talking about death is a very good thing to do.   Each day I wake up is a good day, & I live it the best I can. 


I hope you can find peace in your thoughts.  Take care








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Re: Metastatic breast cancer

Hi Budgie.  Thank you for responding to me.  It was wonderful to hear your thoughts.   I do talk about my death with my family but it seems so unthinkable that I have difficulty really being honest with them.  I have a great husband and two wonderful sons and for beautiful grandchildren.    Life. does go on and I’m thankful that it will do so for those I leave behind.  


Again thank you for your response. I hope each day brings a smile to your face.   Take care



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