And afterwards...


And afterwards...

It's been a little more than three years since my wonderful father died from glioblastoma multiforme. I miss him. Today my heart feels heavy, I have flash backs to the anguish. I don't often let myself wallow in the past pain... I need to honour my grief and keep living. In respect for him. I just so miss him. I wish he got to meet his first grandson. But am so glad he had time with my daughter and his other granddaughters. We all are on borrowed time. Wow we had some extraordinary times in his last year. I feel blessed for those. I feel honoured to share time with him in his last moments also. Precious life and precious death. I look at my son sleeping, ah dad, you two would of had such fun together!
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Re: And afterwards...

The flashbacks are hard. I am still stuck in difficult memories of Mum and hoping time will heal. I feel sure that this little grandson will be told all about your dad, and hopefully the little one will grow up feeling a strong connection and love even in his absence. Hugs.


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