Coping with grief

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Coping with grief

It’s 18 days since my wonderful dad passed away and it’s 18 days of crying every single day, 18 days of remembering what a great man he was.Tomorrow is the funeral and I’m feeling exactly how he did the night he died.I feel lost, can’t stop crying and the sadness is unbearable . I want my dad back but as we all know the reality is  he’s gone forever xx 


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Hi Leisa,


Thank you for your contributions to the this community. I'm just wondering how things are for you now, a few weeks after your father's death and funderal. 


If you haven't seen them already, Cancer Council has some resources that may be helpful, on the experience of grief.  Please click here to access the page.  There is also our publication on Understanding Grief which you can view online or download.


Please take care,


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