Final curtin.

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Final curtin.

Barbara is very low at this time, she made the effort on Sunday to have local visitors and spent some time calling distant family but lack of energy finally beat her,  as she wanted to chat to you, unfortunately this will never happen, as communication has all but stopped.
Tracie and I are keeping her at home and this is so hard on all, but as it was Barbara’s wish to die home, that we will see done. She is comfortable, but wants to go but as she said to me today, "trying to go but I don’t know how"
Barbara has as you would expect arranged all her requirements for her funeral, busy to the end, Sunday last she wanted to see certain friends and had me busy arranging this during the day, at that time she was unable to leave her bed but still wanted to see these friends, a busy day to add several FaceTime contacts with grandson James who is ARMY in Darwin along with Frankie out 9 months granddaughter.
Currently I have Tracie with us and she is a marvel, managing everything, just as bossy as her mother but all that is wonderful.
With great memories, Barbara will soon pass out of this world, a cruel world that allows people to suffer such a cruel death but I am sorry for saying this however I am sure that you will understand.
We are coping, shocking night last night, we found it necessary to call for Ambulance assistance twice, (waste of time) however after our palliative care nurse arrived this morning early we're back on track with Barbara resting comfortably.
Barbara’s brother arrived here at 10.30 pm and after he spoke to her she became very restless and this continued through the night.
Barbara is now unresponsive, just a matter of time now, love Neville L.
It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of my loving wife Barbara, (6TH MARCH) who you know has been battling cancer for some years.
Barbara was so courageous throughout these three and a half years always aiming to enjoy five years.
Barbara enjoyed life, made everyone that she met enjoy it with her, a remarkable person who we  all will miss. In her final days Barbara enjoyed her local friends and our family who were always so supportive through this tough period.
Our family have all spent time here, constantly connecting with Barbara throughout making Barbara’s life so enjoyable in so many ways, perfect family in every way.
Tracie has been here for Barbara, over the last four weeks, so caring, and managed everything perfectly as we travelled through the hell of these final weeks, it seems so cruel in the battle for life against this dreaded disease cancer.
Barbara completed her bucket list but for one item as she became too ill to achieve it but I am sure that she will achieve this yet.? Sky Dive remains!
We, myself and the family thank you for your strong support throughout, we thank you for being such a great friend to Barbara, you made her life so much better in so many ways, Barbara loved life, enjoyed everything that she undertook to achieve, you know your part in this life trip and may you reflect on these great times that you spent with Barbara.
Barbara and I have always practiced the following. If you love and enjoy someone then give them time while they are alive, after is too late!
Knowing that there is such a great distance between so many of us, and many are aged, some are unwell, therefore we understand if you are unable to attend the funeral. This we believe best, as you have already given us the greatest respect possible by your support during these final weeks.
Maybe my being so honest seems disrespectful, please do not think this, I am being practicable as I know you will understand.
With loving thoughts and kindest regards, Neville L.
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Re: Final curtin.

This is a beautiful tribute Neville, Barbara seems like a very special person.  Thanks for posting.

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