How do I find a new life without him?


How do I find a new life without him?

My husband of 12 years died in August this year of pancreatic cancer. It will be 2 months tomorrow. Ours was a very deep love and we cherished and adored each other.

I was his carer for 2.5 years as well as working full time until his terminal diagnosis 2 months before he died. I have few friends and his children are not interested in me being in their lives. After my world revolving around Tom and caring for him, how do I fill this void of loneliness and emptiness.  How do I find a new life and new normal without him?

Interested to hear of how others have coped, and appreciate your advice.

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Re: How do I find a new life without him?

Hi @Allaboutgrace,


How are you this morning?


We run a group here at Cancer Council, for people who are bereaved, following the death of a loved one. This is run by two qualified facilitators, with 3-8 members over the phone - kind of like a telephone conference. The sessions run for an hour and are free and confidential. I'd be happy to refer you to the Telephone Support Group team if you would like - just send me an email with your best contact number, and I'll arrange for one of the team to contact you.


Sending love Heart

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