Lost mum to melanoma - offering support and advice to others

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Lost mum to melanoma - offering support and advice to others

Hi all, I lost my mum in march to melanoma. She had it removed approx 5 years ago and was told they got it all. March last year she found a painful lump under her arm and after tests found it had spread to lymph nodes under arm but because it was contained there it was a good sign her immune system was strong and it hadn't spread further. A couple months later they operate to remove lymph nodes, she woke to the news that they couldn't remove it as it was attached to main vein. Next was trial drugs, which she had bad reaction to so was varying doses to see what she could handle. Then radiation in october. Christmas eve she was told she had 6-12 months to live but only lasted 3. Was hard watching a strong healthy woman deteriorate the way she did. As hard as it was to watch, i am glad i was there in her final days. If anyone knows someone in a similar situation please feel free to ask me anything as i found it hard getting answers or finding someone in a similar situation to ask the questions i wanted to ask. So please ANY questions you have, ask as that's why i am telling this story Thanks
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