1 week old diagnosed

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1 week old diagnosed

Hello, my name is Shannon & I’ve just been diagnosed with bowl cancer in the large intestine. I’m 48 years old & this is the second time I’ve been diagnosed with cancer, almost 22 years ago I was diagnosed with uterine & cervical cancer. It’s was a tuff road but I beat it & managed to go another 22 years before being diagnosed again, some people would call this lucky for me not so much. I’m left feeling like “why me”? What did I do to deserve getting getting cancer again?   This time around I’m finding things very different for 1 I have surgeons telling me it’s fast growing so it requires fast action but no one seems to want to even look at me unless I’m willing to fork out hundreds just to have a consultation & the public health doctors all act like it’s to hard & fob me off. So whilst a specialist & GP is saying this is urgent, I’m the piggy in the middle waiting for these “doctors” to actually do something to help me. Whilst all this is going on I’m finding that the pain is making it very hard to get any rest & the constant vomiting isn’t much help either but the biggest thing that’s concerning is that my left leg keeps going dead & I physically have to lift it with my hands to make it move & because it keeps happening late at night I’m waking up to run to the loo & spraining my ankle because my leg is dead & my foot goes floppy so when I go to stand I’m standing but my foot is going the wrong way when I do. 
Has anyone else had this issue & is it related to the cancer maybe pushing on a nerve or is this yet another issue that needs a different doctor to treat?

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Re: 1 week old diagnosed

Sorry about what you are passing through but you will need to act fast just like you have been told by a specialist. Look beyond the financial status and get your treatment going before its too late dear. 

Read up about bowel cancer to increase your knowledge and management level: https://inmycancerworld.blogspot.com/2022/07/colon-rectal-or-bowel-cancer-symtoms.html

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