Acoustic Neuroma

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Acoustic Neuroma

Hi im Kate, 30 years old I found out in the beginning of December that I have a small acoustic neuroma in my left auditory canal. I have constant tinnitus. I have been to two specialists, the first said oh it's benign just leave it 5-15 years. The seconds said radiation therapy. I said no radiation as Im exposed to radiation daily in my job as a vet. Seems like human medicis dont quite get it It's so frustrating, when I told them all I prefer surgical option they all looked at me like I was insane, but really isn't removing it when it is small better than when it is big and causing more problems?!?!? Or am I the only person to think like this?? I had my hearing tested today and it is patheticly poor in my left ear... I hate not having control over this....
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