Prostate cancer followed by bowel cancer - challenges of life

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Prostate cancer followed by bowel cancer - challenges of life

HI Folks In April last year I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer which was a huge shock. Further checks and Biopsy showed it was contained. We decided to have surgery rather than radiation, and this was carried out in June. So glad we did it. The biopsy didn't show that it was 26% stage 4 aggressive, so it was ready to jump ship and go through the body. Surgery was OK. 6 months later I'm clear of that one, but still having some issues from the surgery which I just have to work through. About a month ago I had other tests and found out I also have some Bowel cancer, so currently having more tests and some treatment for that. We are lucky enough to have a Cancer council branch, as well as Solaris here in Bunbury, and they have both been a great help in getting through the process. I can't say enough how much help it is having support and specific groups available to meet with. Talking about the experience is a wonderful way of coping. Ive been seeing a counsellor on a semi regular basis and would recommend that to everyone. I found the mental side is the hardest part of the journey. Some days are great, some are very ordinary. Can't say I'm depressed, but struggle some days when the pain gets bad post surgery (6 months later), Interested to hear how other people are finding their journeys.
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