Anal cancer

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Anal cancer

Just been diagnosed with squamous cell

carcinoma anal cancer. Awaiting the results of scans for staging. Have been told I’ll need chemo and radiotherapy. What can I expect and how should I prepare for treatment please? Trying to stay positive but rather frightened to be honest 

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Re: Anal cancer

Hi @Lea1 and welcome, I hope you are well.


I sent you an email last week with a bit of information about our Cancer Connect program where you can speak with someone who has had the same or similar experience as yourself, you can read a little more about that here.


We also have a great information booklet about anal cancer - it covers the different treatment options and what you may be able to expect. I can well imagine your mind has been awhirl as well the past week or so.


Has anyone else here had any experience with anal cancer or squamous cell carcinoma? 


The most important thing is, you are not alone here Heart


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Re: Anal cancer

Hi.  i saw your post, I hope you are doing well. My mom was just diagnosised with anal cancer, she is experiencing everything you had posted.  I was wondering how you were, how were your treatments.  I need to be strong for my mom, so I wanted to prepare myself and her for the next steps.  Thank you. 

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