Hi all 

im new to this forum and keen to connect with others Going though similar experiences on this journey we find ourselves in....


I was diagnosed in June with pluera cancer which spread to 3 brain tumours and 1 on the adrenaline gland. 

currently going through chemo just finished my 3rd cycle. Find myself suffering with pretty full on anxiety and breathing difficulties. 


would welcome and tips on how you might have coped with similar symptoms. 

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Re: Anxiety

Hello @Allana and welcome to our community 😘


How are you doing this week? Sounds like you've been through a lot.


You might like to listen to this podcast, produced by Cancer Council, on Managing Fear. It has a lot of tips and practical advice that will help.


You may also like to contact 13 11 20 and speak to our team and enquire about counselling 💕



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Re: Anxiety

Get well soon to you, stay strong and faithful that soon you will be well! 

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Re: Anxiety

Hi Allana,


I'm just starting the journey dealing with cancer and haven't received my treatment plan as yet, waiting the PET CT to be done.


I've suffered with generalized anxiety disorder my whole life (was a 'shy' kid, but actually have avoidant personality disorder).  I really can sympathize with your anxiety over the unknown.  Not having control of things really exacerbates the anxiety greatly (except the all important diet, exercise and 'trying' to remain positive which can be controlled to a large degree!).


What has worked for me more recently since the shock kicked in is a new (old) very helpful medication - valium. One low-dose in the morning which is when my anxiety is at its worst has really helped me creep out of dark places and stay positive.  I'd previously tried a few anti-depressants but side-effects really halted that treatment.


Besides the med, I find exercise and eating really well keeps me feeling good about the body side of things and decreases anxiety.  I hope your family are positive and supporting too as that is really beneficial.  Don't discount the very real impact of the love for a pet can have as a calming influence.  They love unconditionally which is priceless.


I hope you find some peace with your anxiety very soon.  Having GAD really worries me as a stressed body is one which will be a bit distracted when it needs to fight foreign cell invaders!  But I think (trust) my newly found med helps me keep as calm as I'll need to be.  I hope you find your tonic really soon too.


Best wishes,





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