Atypical cells in breast biopsy and pregnant

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Atypical cells in breast biopsy and pregnant

I recently had a fine needle biopsy of a lump in my breast found at a pregnancy check up. The results came back “atypical” and I now need a core biopsy. I can’t go for a mammogram as I’m pregnant, so my diagnostics are more limited. The doctor told me the different things atypical cells could mean, but it was a Telehealth appointment (on the phone) and I was in shock and didnt really register what she said. 
Just wondering if anyone has experience with atypical results and what it ended up being?

Also if it is cancer, just wondering if people who have had a breast cancer diagnosis can help me understand what kind of treatments could be possible? 
Thank you!

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Re: Atypical cells in breast biopsy and pregnant

I recently received the report from the fine needle biopsy and this is what it said. Is anyone able to break it down a little for me at all please? 

"The specimen is moderately cellular. Debris, foam cells and cohesive epithelial cells in a bimodal pattern, some showing apocrine differentiation and fragments of adipose tissue are present. There are some atypical epithelial cells. The features are atypical and malignancy cannot be excluded."

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Re: Atypical cells in breast biopsy and pregnant

Hello @Bea89 and welcome 🤗


Have you been able to have any further conversations with your doctor at all?


And how have you been?



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Re: Atypical cells in breast biopsy and pregnant

Hi @Katekat, thanks for the reply!


Nope, my doctor only works one day a week so I won’t speak to her again until after my core biopsy. The conversation over the phone was super overwhelming with words I didn’t understand. And then reading the report when I got it made me even more confused!


Initially my doctor found a lump that ended up being a milk duct, it wasn’t until the ultrasound that they found the lump they’re concerned with, and I’m finding it hard to recognise any possible symptoms as both breasts are sensitive, beginning to leak and lumpy from being pregnant.


My core biopsy is on Monday so hopefully I should know the results through the week. Hoping for the best but expecting the worse 😓

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Re: Atypical cells in breast biopsy and pregnant

Hi Bea89.  It's a really hard time to be confused and unsure, especially pregnant during a pandemic.  Teleconferences are not suitable for everything but unfortunately, it's all we have right now.  I think your needle biopsy is not conclusive.  They did not find cancer cells but they did find atypical cells and therefore they have to go to a cone biopsy.  Once you have the results of that you should know one way or the other, hopefully.  It's a really hard time to get through but try to keep yourself busy and make sure you're really tired when you go to sleep so you sleep deeply.  Nothing can take away the anxiety until you actually know what is going to happen next so take each day as it comes.  Wishing you the very best of outcomes.


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