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Hello everyone. I received my cancer diagnosis on the 1st of July. It was an expected surprise really since a couple of my family members (4) have been diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 45-50. This goes back to my great grandmother. So now it seems I'm on that list as well. One thing I know is that I will make sure for my children's sake that they are aware of my cancer type and all relevant details so that they are informed of their genetic history. I am waiting for my first appointment on Monday the 28th July to see what my treatment options are but I know it will most definitely be surgery. After that it depends on how they grade the cancer as to whether I need follow up treatment. I think my children are coping well but it is early days and I think that once I am undergoing treatment it may be quite confronting. I guess the only thing that I can do is to be as supportive as I can and keep the channels of communication going so that they know exactly where we are heading. Anyway that's enough about me only to say I live rurally in WA and am quite isolated not only due to the diagnosis but the location as well. Wishing you all well.
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