esophageal cancer

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esophageal cancer

i have just been told i have cancer and may die because i have had previous stomach surgery and so have to have chemo and radiation before trying to save me. I do not want to leave my two young boys on their own. There don't seem to be many people my age with this, or any age really, I am 52. Does anyone else have this and how are you?

Re: esophageal cancer

Hi Madmilk I had esophageal cancer two and a half years ago diagnosed nearly 3 years ago and I was 45 at the time and now 48 and in remission. I was a little luckier than you i that I was able to have surgery after chemo so my stomach has been relocated in my chest after the removal of 10cms of my esophagus, the previously affected bit in the hope it will prevent a re occurrence. The chemo had eradicated the cancer completely by the time I ad surgery so fingers crossed for you that your treatment works as successfully for you. It took them a while to diagnose me as i am female so it was definitely not a cancer they expected me to have. Take care Kas
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