Bladder Cancer and to BCG or Not to BCG?

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Bladder Cancer and to BCG or Not to BCG?

Hi, I’m new to this. Bare with me.  Late 2015 I had some blood appear in my urine. I mentioned it to my doctor and he dismissed it as nothing to worry about. I had just done some vaccinations for going overseas in mid 2016, and he had given me a good, clean bill of health. The bleeding was intermittent, and I never shared it with anyone, until I returned back from one year of travel, I then mentioned it to my wife.

We went to another doctor who sent me for scans etc.  two weeks later, I had a four centimetre tumor removed from my Bladder. They said it was non invasive Bladder Cancer and that I would require a regular cystoscopy every three months.  On doing this, each time, they have found more low grade, non 8nvasive cancer in my bladder.

Today, regular checkup number four, while having cystoscopy, the doctor said I should have BCG.

I HAVE RESEARCHED it and I am unsure if it is the answer.

Although, I cannot find alternatives etc.  Has anyone had a BCG treatment and has it been beneficial?

how long does low grade Bladder Cancer become high grade and generally how long is the BCG treatment for and are the side effects minimal or major.?


Anyone have any experience in whether to try BCG or not?


i have no other underlying  condition, just turned 60, don’t drink, don’t smoke,(boring, I admit)  and generally healthy and fit as most at this stage. 


Love to hear any experiences around Bladder Cancer related treatments.




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Re: Bladder Cancer and to BCG or Not to BCG?

Hi @Artful and welcome,


I can see that you've found some support via another thread, which is fantastic to see!


We have a fair amount of information here on BCG that may be helpful to read, and we also have a couple of books that you may wish to download and read at your leisure - also happy to mail out physical copies, just send your address to me via PM or email Although I note you have done a lot of research already, which is fantastic Smiley Happy


I also emailed you some information on our Connect program, that might be a good avenue as well to explore.




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Re: Bladder Cancer and to BCG or Not to BCG?

Hi Greg.

Not sure I can assist with Natural Therapies as I am guided by the doctors and my decission has been BCG.

Stay positive and happy.



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