Brain cancer the different types

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Brain cancer the different types

Hi I have just been diagnosed with brain cancer and it is inoperable plus I am not having any çhemo or radiation Iam just haveing  MRIs every three months and it is so scary not knowing what is happening in your brain whether the tumours are getting bigger or getting smaller or staying the same I do suffer a lot of headaches with it and I just take Panadol for the headaches The doctor put me on a new tablet for my seizures but they make me as high as a kite and my eyes are red like Iam stoned all the time and I hate that feeling ,So if any one has any suggestions I would be very appreciative

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Re: Brain cancer the different types

Hi @Beautlady,


I'm very sorry to hear of your diagnosis. It's sounds like a frightening time with so many unknowns. 


If you would like more information and haven't already seen it, this is a link HERE to a Cancer Council publication on tumours in the brain and spinal cord. If it would be helpful to speak to someone to find out more about your situation, you can call health professionals on the Cancer Council Information and Support Line on 13 11 20, 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.


If speaking to others in a similar situation would help, we have another service in the form of a Telephone Support Group (TSG) for people who have a Brain Tumour. The TSG provides a space to openly and regularly talk with others in your situation so that experiences, information and coping strategies are shared. For more information please phone: 1300 755 632 (messages can be left). 


Thank you for reaching out to this forum, and please take care.


Kind regards,


Online Community admin team 

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