Brain cancer

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Brain cancer

Technically I was diagnosed 4 years ago but I had electroconvulsive shock therapy to get me out of severe depression. This caused me to forget that I had cancer, but I always had this inkling that I had it. My anxiety and mania were too much to take and I had a psychotic break. I was also in debt and my nan passed away. We were moving house. I didn't get time to see my brothers, one of which was in a group home.

I was so forgetful, forgetting to take my medications which caused me to have seizures etc. I was all over the place, in and out of hospital and noone could work out what was wrong with me. I forgot to tell them the most important thing "by the way, I have brain cancer".


Anyway I have fought through so much and always come out on top. I have been close to death so many times this year. I am going back to see my neurosurgeon, neurologist and psychiatrist. I need to get more health professionals on my team. 


What do I do now?


I have come to terms with the diagnosis and received mental health care, physical health care and financial counselling.

I am just anxiously awaiting these appointments.

Regarding my symptoms that are all over my body, I am worried that the cancer has spread.



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Re: Brain cancer

I'm very sorry for your situation, dealing with any one given challenge can feel insurmountable, but when you have multiple difficulties coming at you from different directions ...


... I wish you strength and courage.  Good luck with everything.

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